AC Milan and Inter hit back at Sala: 'Unclear answers from the council'

21 November at 16:00
The big debate over a new stadium in Milan continues. Thus far, the two parties (AC Milan, Inter and the city council) have failed to agree on a solution for the matter, with the two clubs pushing for a new stadium in place of the San Siro.

The council, meanwhile, have been far from cooperative so far, more or less ruling out the demolition of San Siro already. Furthermore, the clubs have been asked several points that one could argue were perfectly explained during the project presentation.

In an interview with today's edition of Gazzetta Dello Sport (via, the Milan mayor Beppe Sala made it clear that taking down San Siro isn't the way forward, referring to a study that showed the Milanese people want to keep the stadium (although build a new one as well).

Now, AC Milan president Paolo Scaroni and Inter CEO Alessandro Antonello have responded to the mayor (Sky Italia via, making it clear that they will move on to other ideas if the first ones fail.

Antonello: "There are points to be clarified, beyond the answers of the city council that aren't clear. Perhaps we have had more clarity from the interview given by Mayor Beppe Sala.

"We have never closed the doors to dialogue, we have always shown our availability. We have investors ready to spend 1.2 billion but the main valve is the fans, who deserve a stadium at the height of the city and our clubs."

Scaroni: "The stadium laws, on which our proposal is based, foresee that alongside a new stadium there will also be some real estate initiatives. So I don't see anything strange about it. Reorganization of San Siro? It can mean many things.

"We need to understand if everything is compatible with our project both from a technical and economic point of view. One month, two months are reasonable times but we want a clear procedure. If we have problems, there will be other ideas."


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