AC Milan & Inter, Sala deems new stadium project as 'impossible'

04 November at 16:15
It's no secret that AC Milan and Inter are looking to build a new stadium in Milan. In fact, both clubs have had several meetings with the city council, while also presenting the two potential designs to the public. In other words, they are moving forward at full speed to make the project happen.

However, so far, the city council have slowed down the progress significantly. In Milan and Inter's dossier, the plan is to tear down the San Siro stadium, which the council is against.

On the other hand, the clubs believe that a new stadium would be a lot more beneficial, even if it means tearing down the historic stadium. Of course, the matter has got a lot of attention in the media.

In an interview with Corriere Della Sera (via, Milan mayor Beppe Sala revealed that the clubs' plan is 'impossible' under the current circumstances, as they haven't been able to agree on a solution.

"It's obvious that the council is interested in continuing with the project, but it is impossible under these conditions. There are two interests that aren't perfectly aligned as of today, but this is the negotiations," he stated.


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