Ex-Referee Chiesa: 'Maresca was great in the Milan derby, Parma should have had 2 penalties...'

10 February at 13:40
Former Italian referee Massimo Chiesa discussed the main officiating discussion points in a report on Italian media outlet Calciomercato.com today.
First, Chiesa discussed Juventus 2-1 defeat to Hellas Verona.
“Verona-Juventus: Davide Massa 6.5 (VAR: Michael Fabbri). In the 52nd minute Juventus claim that Hellas Verona defender Koray Günter committed a hand ball in the penalty area, Massa plays advantage and the images show that he was right, the Gialloblu defender took a risk, his left arm was out, but the ball caught him on his closed right arm. In the 85th minute the moment that decided the match. VAR referee Fabbri told the referee to check the monitor because Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci committed a hand ball, a clear foul as difficult as it was to see, so much so that no player had protested on the pitch. It was right to award the penalty in favour of Verona and book Bonucci.”
Then, the former Italian referee touched on Inter’s 4-2 derby win over AC Milan.
“Inter-Milan: Fabio Maresca 7 (VAR: Paolo Mazzoleni). Great officiating by Maresca. He kept a tough game under control. There were some small mistakes, like the yellow cards given to Vecino and Skriniar, both wrong, but overall the referee handled the situation on the pitch really well. He held a uniform match from start to finish and the players accepted every decision without the slightest protest.”
Chiesa also spoke about Napoli’s 4-3 defeat to Lecce.
“Napoli-Lecce: Antonio Giua 4.5 (VAR: Rosario Abisso). A resounding penalty not given by the referee to Napoli. The crucial moment happened in the 73rd minute, Milik went down in the box, the referee pulled out a yellow card to the striker without hesitating in the face of Napoli's protests. The images, which the VAR referee Abisso did not show his colleague on the pitch, showed that Donati hit Milik in the foot and then ankle contact that left no doubt. Milik certainly accentuated the fall in a blatant manner, but the contact was clear, and the VAR room had to intervene to have the referee review the foul. It was an unacceptable mistake, both with and without the technology.”
Finally, Chiesa analysed the officiating performance in Lazio’s 1-0 win over Parma.
“Parma-Lazio: Marco Di Bello 4 (VAR: Luca Banti). Parma deserved two penalties. One obvious and one absurd, the one for Acerbi's foul on Cornelius. Let's go in order. In the 10thh minute Marusic uses his hands to pull down Bruno Alves. The referee Di Bello, close to the action, doesn't consider the Montenegrin's tackle punishable and VAR doesn't call back the referee. However, the moment that sent the Parma coach Roberto D'Aversa coach into a rage happened in the 91st minute, when Acerbi held down Cornelius in the area. The referee whistles Cornelius' attacking foul, but the mistake is very serious. Acerbi looks only at the man and holds him, he tries to stop him. A penalty not given, which was really absurd. In both cases, the referee saw and evaluated him the extent of the contact, that's why he didn't review the episodes at the monitor. The error is deep down, the protocol on the use of technology must be revised.”

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Apollo Heyes


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