Exclusive: Agent explains why Kessie is likely to stay at AC Milan

26 April at 18:30
In an exclusive interview with Calciomercato.com, the agent George Atangana shared an update on Franck Kessie's future with AC Milan and why the midfielder hasn't been able to return to Italy. Despite the transfer rumours, their will seems pretty clear.

“I remember that we joined Milan when he was a bet, we did it because this is a club that has always meant a lot to us. Now there is a project under development and for this reason, the present leads me to think that the future can also be red and black.

"We are in one of the most important clubs in the world, which certainly does not experience the moment of greatest splendour, but which intends to revive itself," he began.

As mentioned, the agent also explained why Kessie is stuck in Ivory Coast, thus unable to return to Italy as ordered by the Rossoneri.

"Ivory Coast has closed its borders and for this reason, it's not easy to bring him back. Franck trains every day to be ready and also tries to make himself useful from a social point of view. He sent food for families in difficulty and gave masks and disinfectants," he concluded. 

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