Exclusive: Fabregas wants AC Milan with Bakayoko also connected to deal with Chelsea

Exclusive: Fabregas wants AC Milan with Bakayoko also connected to deal with Chelsea
2018-11-12 - 10:45
The confirmation has also arrived from Leonardo, as Calciomercato.com has been reporting for some time now. Milan are serious about Cesc Fabregas and consider the Spanish midfielder an ideal market solution that can offer experience and quality.

It is not a coincidence that the Rossoneri management has moved for the player since the end of September, with contacts taking place with the agent of the player. And from the player there is a total opening: Cesc wants to play more, he said it publicly as well as privately to Chelsea. Milan is a club of the highest level to return to feel important, central to the project.

However, if Leonardo has been uncertain up to now, it is because he knows well that it is Chelsea who have the upper ground in the negotiations and will decide the issue of Fabregas. In particular, Sarri would not sell the player without a replacement arriving in January.

President Roman Abramovich is close to Fabregas and wants to confront the player directly before freeing him, to understand whether there is a chance to change his mind or not. For this reason, the next steps belong to the Blues. Leonardo knows he must wait a few days to understand the will of Chelsea and their decision on the player.

But it must not be forgotten that Milan already have an option to redeem Bakayoko from the English club. Another open question, anything but definite and on which Chelsea wants clarification before finding agreements on the Fabregas front.

Because Milan would demand a discount on the 10-12 million euros request for Fabregas, but Chelsea does not want bad surprises for Bakayoko next summer. It is a delicate speech, which Leonardo is managing step by step, knowing that Fabregas is not an impossible goal. Sensi from Sassuolo remains a hot name on the list, while the Rossoneri are waiting for the decision of Chelsea on Fabregas.