Exclusive: the truth about AC Milan's warning signs to Correa's entourage

21 August at 09:40
‚ÄčThe direct line to Madrid remains, but as Paolo Maldini confirmed during yesterday's press conference, the club needs to think about sales as well in order to balance the squad.

The dialogue with Real Madrid has been continuous and positive since last June, as the relationship between the Bernabeu management and Boban-Maldini is well established, according to Fabrizio Romano of Calciomercato.com

After Theo Hernandez, the name of Luka Jovic came up and Milan didn't get excited. From a technical point of view, they would enjoy having the player in the team, but as seen with Ceballos, the Rossoneri are unwilling to make dry-loan signings.

The priority and number one goal remains Angel Correa. The negotiations remain at a stalemate, as Atletico Madrid are holding out for €50m, while Milan have gone as far as €40m. Currently, they are considering to raise the offer.

In fact, the agent will stay in Europe as the last push is expected from Boban and Maldini, who are hoping that the wait will soften Atletico's stance.
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