Gallery: Fiorentina President Commisso presents the club's new sports centre

28 November at 18:45
Fiorentina president Rocco Commisso spoke to gathered reporters at a press conference today, at the presentation of the club’s new sports centre, where the construction work could begin in 2020. noted his words.
“It never happened in history, but finally Fiorentina will have their own home. I've always talked about ‘fast fast fast’, but I didn't think we could do it so fast. Today in America it’s Thanksgiving Day, but I'm here to give a gift to you, this sports centre, which will be not only for Fiorentina, but for the city of Florence. Although Fiorentina has little annual revenue, we are investing a lot, I came to Florence to spend the money. The land cost €10 million, while it will take another €60 million to do the rest.”
The Italian American business then further touched on his work with the Florence based club.
“Nobody in the history of football has bought a football team and after 4 months decided to spend such a high amount for a sports centre, and I'm very happy to invest in the long term of Fiorentina. We have visited many sports centres across Europe, we were very inspired by Tottenham, who have a wonderful training centre. Name? I haven't decided yet, but there is a strong intention to preserve the memory of Davide Astori. End? In September 2021 you can start playing on these pitches."
Commisso bought Fiorentina from the Della Valle family earlier this year, in a deal worth around €160 million. So far he is shown his interest in guiding Fiorentina to the top, by increasing their exposure in America and pledging to build the team their own stadium over the next few years.

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Apollo Heyes


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