Ibrahimovic: ‘I like AC Milan, it’s not a secret. Guardiola had problems with me’

23 November at 14:06
Zlatan Ibrahimovic has spoken with Vanity Fair about his career and his possible future destinations. The former Sweden star has been linked with a January move to AC Milan and Ibra seems open to returning to the San Siro: “I spent to amazing seasons at AC Milan, I didn’t want to leave but they forced me to go to Paris. There is an incredible atmosphere at the club. I became the top scorer and I won a Serie A title at AC Milan.”
“There were many legends at the club. I was lucky to play and win with them.”

RETURN - "There is an interest but I could stay for one more season in LA. It’s not a secret that I like AC Milan. I was sad in Barcelona but everything changed in Milan. In Milan, I was smiling again and I wanted to repay their trust and what they did for me.”

BARCELONA – “I wouldn’t say it didn’t go well. The first six months were excellent, then it all became worst. Guardiola had a problem with me but he didn’t want to face it. I couldn’t be myself anymore, with Guardiola I doubted of my qualities. However, I learned a lot in Barcelona. Learning and improving is the sense of life. Many players have only played for one team, I played for the best clubs in the World. I was lucky and I did well in every team I played.”
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