Milan, Theo Hernandez: His value has already exploded

08 December at 11:35

Theo Hernandez was a Milan masterpiece. A stroke of absolute genius via the team of directors in Maldini & Boban (via

Due to the complex operations for these young people with potential, the Rossoneri leadership within a complicated market has brought home one of the best left-sided fullbacks: pushing a lot, scoring and scoring, Theo also grows in the defensive phase. A guarantee of 20 million, price set by Real Madrid and approved by Maldini, whose value today has almost doubled . 

A true boom for the French that is convincing everyone, a deal on which Milan has never had doubts despite the particular character of Theo that in Rossoneri has also blunted that aspect.

A notice to the agents of the player: Not surprisingly, in Spain rumours are already beginning to circulate possible assaults by the top European clubs for next summer. This means that Milan possibly could relinquish the chance to sign Theo on a permanent basis if offers elsewhere are superior to that of the Italian club. 

In the wake of Theo Hernandez's excellent season so far, surprisingly, there is certainly no opening from Milan. On the contrary, the Rossoneri leadership in the week that is about to end has already had contact with the terzino agents to reiterate its unreliability even in the face of very important proposals, there is the will to go ahead together also for 2020/2021 because Theo is considered a pivot of the team. 

Despite this, negotiations are ongoing, and it is only expected that Milan reach an agreement before other clubs poke their nose into the business, and saga that is Theo Hernandez. 

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Anthony Privetera
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