Report: Icardi wants public apology from Inter Milan

Report: Icardi wants public apology from Inter Milan

Former Inter Milan skipper Mauro Icardi reportedly wants Inter to issue a public apology to him as he feels he has sacrificed a lot for the nerazzurri over the last few years.

The situation has boiled over very badly of late and Icardi's social media posts have brought forward his unhappiness in this battle against the club, who stripped him off captaincy recently.

Corriere della Sera state that Icardi feels that he has done a lot for Inter and has done what he has in the last few days because he feels that the club aren't doing justice to all the sacrifices he has made for them.

Because of that, Icardi now expects a confirmation from the club about his future and wants a public apology from them. And if he doesn't get one, he will not want to play for the club anymore.

He believes that the decision to strip him off captaincy was taken because of what Wanda Nara did and because the club has already decided to sell him at the end of the season.