What's behind the words of Higuain's dad: the tug of war with Juventus

What's behind the words of Higuain's dad: the tug of war with Juventus
2020-28-04 - 14:00
Higuain's dad has spoken. And he made it clear, at least in words, that Gonzalo is ready to put everything behind. In a nutshell, the last interview by his father explains that everything is back to the starting point: Higuain will remain at Juve until the end of the contract.

However, as our reporter Nicola Balice states, is everything normal? No, not just. Rather, it can be said that the tug of war between the Argentine striker and Juventus has also reached stage two, or even three. Because the situation is far from peaceful.

The standoff continues. Higuain's desire to stay in Argentina was part of a plan to get either a renewal immediately or a transfer. Juve, on the other hand, can't just stand by and watch. A renewal will only happen on their terms, terms that Higuain isn't ready to accept.

Juventus need Higuain in the final phase of the season as much as they know that they aren't willing to focus on him for the future. A transfer in the summer thus becomes the most likely scenario, but at the same time, the Bianconeri don't want to make a big loss.

Surely Higuain understood that going against the club's orders would put him on the wrong side, even legally speaking. In short, to get out of this mess and move forward, a step back was necessary: ​​the first, small, can be read in Higuain's dad's words.

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