De Rossi: 'Me at Real Madrid? Ask Roma'

De Rossi (Foto: Getty Images)
26 May at 14:36
Among the long list of candidates to play with Real Madrid next season there is also Daniele De Rossi's name. The player, now training with Italy, said: "I don't know anything about Real Madrid. I don't want to be disturbed, I must focus on the World Cup to do well on a team as well as personal level. If you want to know if Real are interested ask Roma. The club and the coach have always made me feel important and they have always been consistent with me". De Rossi then added: "To be associated with important clubs is nice. Real is an important team, I could take this transfer into consideration if Roma tell me that for financial, tactical and technical reasons I must be transferred. Issues with Mourinho? Absolutely not, I wouldn't have any problem working with him... if he were Roma's coach".


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