Marotta: 'It was the biggest mistake in the history of VAR, stop talking about Icardi'

25 February at 14:00
Inter CEO Beppe Marotta commented on the serious mistake of Abisso in Fiorentina-Inter:"We were hugely damaged, it would be worst if this mistake would be decisive for our season. It's not a mistake in the 5th minute, it happened at the end of the game. There is a huge regret. We've invested a lot on VAR, it must be used in a rational way. There is a lot of mess between objective and subjective situations, I am disappointed", Marotta said.

DRESSING ROOM - "We were talking normally inside the dressing room. I am only saying that there is a need to discuss the whole system again. I am not saying the referee is guilty, I just hope this mistake won't cost us a lot in terms of season targets. Protocols must be improved. This was the biggest mistake in the history of VAR". 

PERISIC - "No problems at all, there was big happiness for the goal".

WANDA - "Nothing is broken. I am grateful to the team because everybody has been playing well. We've spoken many words about Icardi, the time has come to stop talking about this issue".


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