Ronaldo: 'People in Madrid want me back at Real'

03 May at 11:45
Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo has released an interview with Icon, the magazine of El PaisThe Portuguese star spoke about his future (READ HERE) and about his move to Juventus: "Spanish people treated me well. I wanted to give them a place to work regardless of the problem I had. It's something I won't forget anyway. I go ahead with my head up, my life is an open book. People in Madrid love me. Real Madrid fans know I've given a lot to this club. People stop me in the street and tell me to return to Real, they say: 'This house is yours'. It's something that I really like to hear".

"At the same time, people are always ready to judge. Things like: 'He is done, he is 33,34, 35...he should retire. But I want to surprise everybody. They see me as a person that should never have problems, that should never be sad because of my money. People think money cancel all the problems. People think that if you have the money you haven't lived certain moments in your life. They are waiting for me to miss a penalty or to play badly in an important game. It's life and I am prepared for it".


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