• Balotelli and Pogba's nice selfie after Milan - Juve

    Balotelli and Pogba's nice selfie after Milan - Juve

    Mario Balotelli didn't let Milan's 2-1 defeat to Juventus bring him down last night. The former Inter, Manchester City and Liverpool striker took to social media to console both his team-mates and his fans, with this message:

    "Well done lads, let's keep this up and our luck will turn!".

    The message was posted with a picture of him and his friend, Paul Pogba, who is also represented by agent Mino Raiola. 

    The Juventus star, who scored the winner, also posted the same picture (below), with this message:

    You're playing with fire @mb459, never challenge la Pioooche! good game Bro, way to go!! #MilanJuve #BeTheDifference #elequermedesafiar #bonmatchfrero

    The Frenchman also posted a pic of himself, alongside Juan Cuadrado and Patrice Evra. This is about the right time to put an end to the nonsensical "hockey players are tough, footballers are all wusses" banter. 

    There are three reasons for this:

    a) good luck spotting the puck, NHL fans!
    b) read what Ice Hockey players have done to the Stanley Cup. No, really. 
    c) a footballer could snap your tiny neck with his legs. These guys are monsters


    1-0 for you ! -for now- Bravi ragazzi sempre così e anche la fortuna girerà #forzamilan

    Una foto pubblicata da Mario Balotelli (@mb459) in data:


    Post-match locker-room cool vibes @juventus #BeTheDifference #novestiário #tontonpat

    Una foto pubblicata da Paul Labile Pogba (@paulpogba) in data:

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