• Exclusive interview with Prandelli: ‘Brocchi destined for greatness’

    Exclusive interview with Prandelli: ‘Brocchi destined for greatness’

    During his first press conference as AC Milan manager, Cristian Brocchi revealed Cesare Prandelli was one of the most influential managers of his playing career. Talking exclusively to the former Italy national team coach has also praised the new Diavoli boss.

    “He was the first player Federico Pastorello and I signed at Verona. As a player, he was tactically very smart. He began his career as a halfback, but when he finished he could play everywhere in the middle of the pitch.”

    “He’s an unselfish, generous and very clever guy who loves sharing ideas. However, I believe he’ll have to stick to his ideas in order to take the best out of each player.”

    “He’s able to read games, a quality which not many coaches have.”

    “The beginning it’s definitely not an easy one, but he’ll need calm and serenity trying to play his cards right. Good luck to him.”

    Lorenzo Bettoni @lorebetto

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