• Exclusive interview with Fabrizio Ravanelli: Juventus legend reveals bianconeri perfect signing

    Exclusive interview with Fabrizio Ravanelli: Juventus legend reveals bianconeri perfect signing

    With the derby of Turin and the January transfer window just around the corner, Juventus legend Fabrizio Ravanelli has released an exclusive interview with Nicola Balice, here’s what the 1996 Champions League winners has told our reporter.

    What do Juventus lack to win the Champions League?
    “Absolutely nothing. They have a great club, a great manager and a very strong team. They’d probably need to sign one new midfielder to allow Allegri to rotate players more. Lazio’s Lucas Biglia would be the perfect signing because he would give Marchisio a chance to play in centre midfield with the Argentinian deployed as regista. I’m sure Juventus have already some options for the future and I think about players like Lemina, one of those players that I really admire.”  

    Talking about Champions League. The last time Juventus won it you were playing in an attacking trident with Vialli and Del Piero. Could Allegri use the same system with Higuain, Dybala and Mandzukic?
    “I think that in the end Allegri is always right, he’s the only one who can say if a new system is possible or not. Everybody was sacrificing in my Juventus side and I think that with Mario Mandzukic, playing with three strikers is a possible solution during some games. Higuain and Dybala are top players. The latter plays everywhere, but Mandzukic is the role model. The squad’s interest always comes before his own; Juventus will always need players like him.”

    What about the incoming derby?
    “Derbies are always special games and it’s not a cliché. This one in particular will be very interesting because Torino also have a great manager and amazing players like Belotti and Ljajic. Juventus know very well how to handle the pressure of a noisy crowd in big away games but they’ll need the right approach. Experience of big players will make the difference.”

    ​Which are your best derby memories?
    “I remember all the derbies I’ve played, losses and defeats. We lost both derbies in the 1994-95 campaign, but we won the Serie A title in that season. One year later we won one derby for 5-0 playing a perfect game and at the end of the season we won the Champions League.”

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