When comparing Juventus and Napoli's scoring statistics, one stastic immediately emerges: despite playing very well, Paulo Dybala and Mario Mandzukic have racked up 19 goals together. Gonzalo Higuain and Lorenzo Insigne? 34. That's a huge gap, and one which has likely spurred Coach Max Allegri and GM Giuseppe Marotta to find a striker, and help the club guarantee a primary role both in Italy... and in Europe. 

After landing a star in Dybala, the Bianconeri are looking for a double-figures kind of guy, a striker who is more physical, even prolific than the extraordinary La Joya. That said, it's also about working the team's midfield, with the departures of Andrea Pirlo and Arturo Vidal not completely replaced. 

That said, the speed with which Juventus have approached Edinson Cavani and Ilkay Gundogan - for whom they are now in pole position - is remarkable. The Bianconeri are showing how rapacious and decisive they can be. 
What sets the Bianconeri apart from everyone else is that they're building for the long term. Their competitors don't even know whether they'll be able to make the Champions League, and hence balance the books or invest.
Another positive in Juve's favour? Their front office has been clever enough to spot a key trend in the player market: the deregulation of the agent's trade, which has led to many family members either representing their celebrity relatives themselves... or playing a key role as part of their close circle.

Surprise surprise, both Gundogan (his father, Irfan) and Edinson (daddy again, Luis) have fathers who are very involved in their careers, with the latter saying that he wanted his son to leave PSG and join a club like Juventus. 

Luis Cavani was also behind his son firing Pierpaolo Triulzi and hiring Mondial Sport Management (MGM), owned by the very mysterious Constantin Dumitrascu, who is the world's wealthiest football impresario.