Commenta per primo

Inter are set to bring in Marco Fassone’s replacement within the next two weeks: his name is Giovanni Gardini, and he is Verona's current Director General.

Born in London, Gardini’s been in football since 1989, where he played for Padova and a number of other clubs over a ten-year-career, before moving to join Treviso’s front office. From 2003 to 2006, Gardini worked for Lazio, before moving to Treviso again, Bellinzona and Livorno… where his term as Director General only lasted two years, ending when he had a disagreement with chairman Aldo Spinelli. He is currently Verona’s DG.

Though Gardini is big friends with Roberto Mancini, Inter’s current manager has nothing to do with the hire. What did was a need to fill the gap left by Marco Fassone, and take care of the club’s relationship with the League, as well as Infront (TV Rights) and certain sponsors.

Thohir, in essence, understood that having a man with contacts would be key. Michael Bolingbroke, for all his talents, doesn’t have.

Pasquale Guarro (@ngoppejammeja), translated by @edodalmonte