Inter: never again without Mauro Icardi!

Inter: never again without Mauro Icardi!

Mauro Icardi lived up to his potential on Wednesday evening scoring the winner against Chievo Verona in a  San Siro Serie a clash.

The Argentinean had been benched in Inter’s previous two games against Juventus and Milan but it seems that the 22-year-old has benefitted from some time-out.

The former Sampdoria ace shot six times against Chievo (three on target), scoring one goal and hitting the bar once.

Mancini, who was suspended for the game, has observed his main striker hitting for the 9th time in the current Serie A campaign. Jovetic, Ljajic, Perisic and Palacio combined have managed only one more than Icardi alone.

“He always scores if he gets service”, Inter Director of Sport Piero Ausilio told Mediaset Premium after the game.

“He has always scored goals, even when he was playing for Sampdoria and was only 19.”

It must be quite clear now that Inter’s problem is not Icardi, but their style of play.

Lorenzo Bettoni @lorebetto, adapted from an article by Pasquale Guarro @ngoppejammeja

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