• LIVE UPDATES: OFFICIAL, Suning bought Inter!

    LIVE UPDATES: OFFICIAL, Suning bought Inter!

    19.45 CET +1 Through their official website, Inter Milan have announced that the Suning group has acquired the majority of Inter Milan's shares. Tomorrow at 9am CET+1, Inter president Erick Thohir, the club's vice-president Javier Zanetti and Suning's CEO Zhang Jidong will hold a press conference

    18,15 CET+1
    According to the Italian Press Agency Ansa, a definitive agreement has been found between Thohir and Jindong. The details of the deal will be revealed tomorrow, however, it seems that the Chinese group has acquired the 70% of Inter's shares

    15.15 CET +1 A new meeting between Inter and Suning group has been scheduled in Nanjing today at 6.30pm (Italy time). Erick Thohir, Javier Zanetti, Giovanni Gardini and Michael Bolingbroke will meet Suning president Zhang Jindong alongside Michael Gandler, Robert Faulkner adn Richard Lamb.

    The previous meeting took place at Nanjing’s Sofitel Zhongshan Golf Resort, where the two parties will organize a press conference tomorrow to announce the deal.

    In the meantime, some Chinese fans have posted a picture alongside Inter’s vice-president Javier Zanetti after his landing in Nanjing’s airport.

    LIVE UPDATES: OFFICIAL, Suning bought Inter!

    Javier Zanetti and Erick Thohir have held a meeting with Suning Group’s representatives in Nanjing today to finalize the deal that will lead the China group to acquire a majority stake in the Serie A club.

    The latest rumours suggest that Zanetti could be appointed as the nerazzurri’s president after Suning’s takeover, whilst a press conference involving both the Chinese group and Inter will be hold tomorrow.

    The meeting between the two parties ended shortly after noon (Italy time), but a new summit involving Erick Thohir and Zhang Jindong will start soon. Suning are rumoured to be willing to acquire a 78.55% stake for more than € 530 million through Lux Spv, one of the companies that the Chinese giants control.

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