Commenta per primo


As anticipated here at, Conte will be forced to dust off Fabio Grosso. The circumstances have even speeded up our predictions. With the disqualification of De Ceglie  at Parma, the hero of Germany 2006 will be in the team at Siena.
And to think that mid-summer Grosso seemed like a foreign body in Conte’s team. One of many redundancies, like Amauri and Iaquinta. But while it is unlikely the two strikers will experience the thrill of performing in the new Juventus Stadium, the outside left-handed player is likely to return. Positive or negative? Only the pitch will tell, but some are ready to turn up their nose.
The return of Grosso in the starting 11, however, is clear evidence that the summer transfer market has gone awry. Juve did take a defender: Reto Ziegler on a free transfer from Sampdoria. But it was the coach who blocked the Swiss player even before the season, sending him to Turkey. It is assumed that he did not consider him at the same level as De Ceglie and the same goes for Grosso. Doubts remain, however. It's been 5 years since that magical night in Berlin and in the meantime the old Grosso has rusted.