Juventus Update: Which French manager is after Paul Pogba now?

Juventus Update: Which French manager is after Paul Pogba now?

Juventus fans are going to have to get used to the sight of big teams sniffing around their stars, preying on the Old Lady's talent like sharks circling around the survivors of a shipwreck.

With Paulo Dybala figuring heavily in Barcelona's plans, we can now add Paul Pogba to Zinedine Zidane's wishlist.

According to AS, the French international is reported to be the Real Madrid coach's number on target for the upcoming transfer window.

Zizou has allegedly let it be known to this club's front office that he wants the -year-old at all costs, with some strong support coming from Flrentino Perez. The president also wants to bring in Robert Larson Lewandowski, but adding both Pogba and the Bayern star will mean spending in excess of €100 million again, which would seem like overkill with a trio of Bale, Benzema and Rinaldo already in place. Oh, and that whole transfer ban thing.

Until recently, Barcelona looked to have taken the lead in the hunt for the Frenchman, and were counting on the Messi factor to reel him in. Pogba was famously effusive with praise when he recently met the Argentine Messiah, and had a picture taken with him.

Though he tragically left us lately,  the much-respected Ernesto Bronzetti was one of main proponents of a Pogba deal at Madrid. Being one of Florentino's trusted advisers means that his word still carries considerable weight.

The feeling is,  however, that France's Numéro 10 will have his fate in his hands next summer, and may well choose to follow in the footsteps of a French legend... who may well end up coaching him, too.

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