• Manchester United, Mourinho: 'Schneiderlin wants to leave'

    Manchester United, Mourinho: 'Schneiderlin wants to leave'

    José Mourinho spoke to the press, here is what he had to say:  "After 5-6 months here, I feel like I am at home. We were expecting to do better since the expectations were high. We have had highs and lows so far this season but we will have to do better. I am very happy here at Manchester United. I knew that the EPL was going to be very tight since there are many good teams".

    "The calendar is very difficult, it is for most clubs but not for Chelsea. They seem to choose dates that favor some clubs but we are used to this. We also have to play the Europa league which is difficult for us". 

    "Schneiderlin wants to leave, he told us a few times already. He is a great professional and a great kid too. If he was playing a lot then I would have a say in the matter but since he isn't playing much, I can't say anything. He has the right to want to get some extra playing time. If the right offers comes then he will be free to go".

    Jean-Luca Mascaro (@CalcioNews89)

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