• Brocchi calls Matri back at AC Milan

    Brocchi calls Matri back at AC Milan

    For this last part of the season, AC Milan new boss Cristian Brocchi has decided to bet on the 25-year-old striker Mario Balotelli: Brocchi is confident on the former Manchester City man’s desire to convince Italy’s boss Conte to call him for the European Cup.
    Brocchi could be confirmed for the next season if his team will keep on winning, and in that case the 40-year-old could try to recover another expert striker: the 31-year-old Alessandro Matri is currently on loan at Lazio, where he is not having many chances to play.
    Matri will then join the rossoneri’s training camp next summer, and will be evaluated by his friend Cristian Brocchi.

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