• OP-ED: Come on Conte, give Insigne and Bonaventura a chance!

    OP-ED: Come on Conte, give Insigne and Bonaventura a chance!

    The day after Napoli - Milan, one thing is evident: instead of setting the stage for the Higuain- Bacca duel, two younger, more Italian players shone above all else, scoring both goals and proving once more that they deserve to be given another chance by Azzurri Coach Antonio Conte.

    No prizes for guessing that we're alluding to Lorenzo Insigne and Giacomo Bonaventura, who have been superlative this season, not just last night. The former has already racked up a stunning 11 goals and 10 assists in only 25 games, whilst Jacky totals 6 goals and 9 assists, but his performances are enhanced somewhat by the Rossoneri's difficulties, especially in attack.

    Both have also been used at the other end of the pitch, where their defensive hard work and discipline have done wonders for two sides predicated on balance.

    And yet, they seem as far ever from playing for Antonio Conte's national team. The former Juventus gaffer doesn't consider Bonaventura to be a starter, and may even leave him at Coverciano when Italy take off for France.

    What about Insigne? Well, Conte has never truly forgiven his backing out of Italy's last two qualifiers against... ahem, Azerbaijan and Finland, especially after it turns out that Lorenzo the Magnificent's injury was only light.

    Whilst it is fair for the Azzurri gaffer to prioritize the collective, he can't afford to leave out two players of this calibre. The Spain friendly could be the turning point for a struggling Nazionale...and playing these two could make all the difference.

    Stefano Agresti (@SteAgresti), translated by @EdoDalmonte

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