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    Outlining the six players Juventus and Chelsea are negotiating over

    Outlining the six players Juventus and Chelsea are negotiating over

    • Edo Dalmonte, @edodalmonte
    Believe it or not, Juventus and Chelsea aren’t just talking about Juan Cuadrado. Even more crucially, the Colombian (and not Peruvian, as a certain dolt on our staff seems to think*) may not even be the Bianconeri’s top priority.

    The 27-year-old wants to stay in Italy, but the Turinese outfit doesn’t want to spend the €22 million outlined in his buyout clause. The Pensioners certainly don’t want to give him away on the cheap, especially after his next coach (Conte?) may find him useful.

    With Jose Mourinho leaving, Chelsea’s hierarchies will probably change twice, with Guud Hiddink and his replacement both bringing their own ideas to the table.

    Another player who was on the chopping block when the Special One held court is Oscar, a player the Bianconeri have always wanted. With his contract expiring in 2019, he’ll certainly cost something. Giuseppe Marotta has also inquired after two of his team-mates, Nemanja Matic and Ramires, the latter being the likeliest to leave.

    Among the other options, Chelsea have knocked at Juventus’ door again to see if Paul Pogba is at home. He’s the Blues’ first priority for the summer, though Leonardo Bonucci is also a target. Who knows what will happen if a certain Antonio Conte were to take over at the Bridge?

    *SPOILER: it’s me. I don’t get it, I’ve seen him play for Colombia. 

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