Commenta per primo
This morning edition of La Repubblica reports that talks between Silvio Berlusconi and Mr. Bee over a possible sale of 48% of AC Milan have collapsed.

Both parties deny any such claims, but it is a fact that Mr Bee have been struggling to find investment partners, while China’s stock market turmoil and the investigation by Milan’s prosecutor office of Tax and Finances, the Swiss trust which had been advising Mr. Bee at the beginning of negotiations did not helped either.

According to La Repubblica, the real news is that the Berlusconi family still want to sell the club. Mr. Berlusconi’s daughter and Mondadori’s president Marina has moved the first step in finding new suitors. Just a few days ago, representatives from Finivests reportedly met a China group, which is rumored to be supported by the government of Beijing and have the intension of buying € 600 million majority stake of the club, less than what Mr. Bee had previously offered (€ 1 billion).

Negotiation talks are just at a preliminary stage, but if the two parties are to find a solution that can satisfy both parties, the new Chinese group would replace Silvio Berlusconi’s right-hand men in the control room, offering him to become Milan’s Honorary President.

Lorenzo Bettoni @lorebetto