Commenta per primo


The league has not started but it is already time for the first numbers in Serie A, those related to salaries of the players. With 160 million gross, Milan is the team that invests more in salaries, 15 million more than Inter and 60 more than Juventus. Zlatan Ibrahimovic leads taking home 9 million euro each year. In second place, with a gap of 4.5 million, is Mathieu Flamini, arriving in 2008 free from Arsenal and grabbed away from big European clubs with a rich contract. Thiago Silva earns 4 million, as does Pato, Robinho, Gattuso and Mexes, Van Bommel stops at more than 3.5, more than Cassano, Seedorf and Boateng. Here's the full list.


Ibrahimovic  9
Flamini 4,5
Gattuso 4
Pato 4
Mexes 4
Thiago Silva 4
Robinho 4
Van Bommel 3,5
Zambrotta 3,5
Ambrosini 3
Cassano 3
Seedorf 3
Boateng 2,5
Nesta 4,5
Abate 2
Abbiati 2
Aquilani 2
Bonera 2
Emanuelson 2
Taiwo 1,8
Amelia 1,5
Antonini 1,5
Nocerino 1,5
Yepes 1
Inzaghi 0,8
El Shaarawy 0,5
Roma 0,5