Commenta per primo
One can hardly say that this afternoon's Matchday 33 opener between Bologna and Torino will go down in history. 

A mostly uneventful game of football, things only changed midway through time added on, when Torino striker Andrea Belotti fooled Bologna centre-back Rossettini into bringing him down in the box. 

Cue a penalty, which Il Gallo (the cockerel) duly converted after his... inventive run-up This, of course, prompted manager Giampiero Ventura to celebrate in the only way he can, by mimicking his striker's own gimmick. 
This, of course, is the same Giampiero Ventura who reacted badly to a Torino fan's criticism by, er, doing this.

Beyond being Belotti's tenth goal of the season, it further proved that Gianluca Petrachi has got it right again: he's arguably outshined Ciro Immobile since the latter's return to Turin, but is also the only undroppable player from the Granata's attack, as he works well with Maxi Lopez, too. 

Today's goal was also, bizarrely, his third goal in four games... all penalties, and they've all gone left! He'd never scored one before February, having only recently inherited spot-kicking duty from Immobile, who missed an absolute howler against Atalanta.

Let's check that beauty out again!