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    Zamparini: 'I'd love to sell Franco Vazquez to Milan, but...'

    Zamparini: 'I'd love to sell Franco Vazquez to Milan, but...'

    Maurizio Zamparini never disappoints, does he? He was up to his old tricks again today in an interview about the possibility of star playmaker Franco Vazquez moving to Milan next summer. 

    " We're not thinking of the next window right now," he told, "but in yesterday's performance.

    I'm very p***ed off, we need to fully concentrate on the relegation battle".

    True to form, Palermo's president promptly delved into the mercato, revealing an interesting chapter in Milan's doomed attempts to sign Paulo Dybala last summer.

    " I'd like to talk Vazquez in May or June. I'd be happy to sell him to Milan, but it's important that Galliani doesn't try to be too sneaky, because that lost him Dybala. Had he not tried been so sly, Dybala would be a Milan player now."

    Thirty million for Vazquez? Yes, it's a normal price, if you judge the market. When Milan are interested they'll ask me about it. For the moment they haven't asked after him, but other clubs have! Galliani did tell me he still wanted him, three of four months ago. If he wants to talk he should do so with me, not the papers!"

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