Middle-man: 'I don't think Praet will join Fiorentina'

21 April at 12:06
In the last days, there have been many rumors regarding the possibility for Fiorentina to sign Anderlecht 21-year-old Dennis Praet. Ivan Reggiani, agent for Italy of the Belgian midfielder, told Fiorentinanews.com: “It’s true, Fiorentina have contacted both Anderlecht and the player. The two clubs have found an agreement and the viola have also talks with Praet, but honestly, I say that he has just 5% possibilities to move to Florence”.
“It’s not the right place for him, Fiorentina don’t aim to important targets,” he added. “Praet has more important offers. Sousa has called both the player and his father, but I don’t think that this can change his the situation. He’s one of the best talents in the world, and I don’t think that Fiorentina is the right place for him”.


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