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There are still troubles concerning AC Milan’s Chinese takeover. According to Bloomberg, AC Milan potential buyers produced a false bank document during the first stage of negotiations to buy a majority share in the club.

The document was allegedly reporting financial transaction of one of the members of the consortium who is reported to have had € 115 million on his bank account balance. The document was printed on a letterhead of Bank ok Jiangsu Co. Trouble is, the bank (contacted by Bloomberg) deny to have ever produced that kind of document.

Fininvest have never mentioned the document in any of their previous official statement and Berlusconi’s holding family claim they have already got guarantees from Beijing’s financial institutions.

Sino Europe, the fund that has been created specifically to acquire the majority share in AC Milan, denied last week that there are problems to find investors willing to take part to the club’s takeover, despite Bloomber had previously reported that the Chinese consortium do not have all the money they need to complete the operation yet.

Lorenzo Bettoni @lorebetto