• Tottenham: 10 million offer for Hernandez

    Tottenham: 10 million offer for Hernandez

    • Daniele Valenti

    Tottenham, Roma or other big clubs in his future, but Abel Hernandez's present  is still in Palermo. Speaking exclusively with, the player's agent Vincenzo D'Ippolito, admitted that England is a real possibility, but not in the immediate future: for "La Joya" a contract renewal is expected.

    Is it true that Palermo rejected a 10 million offer for Hernandez?
    'Yes, I know that Zamparini rejected the offer, but  I don't know the sum'.

    Was it too low?
    'If that was 10 million, I'd say yes. I think Hernandez is worth about 20'.

    Could Hernandez go to Roma this summer?

    'The market has just started. We'll see.

    His contract will expire in 2013. Do Palermo want to renew it?
    'We spoke about it but there is nothing concrete yet. I'll tell you more by the end of the month. I have just returned from Uruguay and I haven't heard anything from my  partner Betancourt'.

    Will he be happy with an extention until 2016? Abel ne sarebbe contento?
    'Yes, he'd be happy to stay at Palermo for another 3 years'.

    Talking about strikers, the name of Luis Machado of Tacuarembo, 20, emerged. D'Ippolito is not his agent, but he knows the Uruguayan football very well: 'He's a good young player, both for his physical and technical qualities. He resemble Pinilla. The problem is that he's still young for an experience in Italay and non-EU'.

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