Commenta per primo
During an interview accorded to Il Giornale, the former Chelsea and Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti has talked about the current situation of AC Milan: “There have been some mixed fortunes; I think it’s normal as the team has a new coach”

“Mihajlovic was extremely smart to have Donnarumma starting; also Buffon started his career as a professional when he was very young, if you are a good player, the age doesn’t matter. In any case, Diego Lopez remains very strong and he will regain his place as a starter” he added. “Berlusconi? That’s the way he is, he always went to the dressing room after the games”

Ancelotti has also talked about the possibility for his former player Andrea Pirlo to move back to Italy: “I have talked to him and I understood that he wants to play the European Cup. I think that he will moved back to Italy, as this was Conte’s advice. I tell him to go where he has won the most”