• Berlusconi: 'I will never sell AC Milan'

    Berlusconi: 'I will never sell AC Milan'

    During a long interview accorded to La Gazzetta dello Sport, AC Milan president Silvio Berlusconi has also talked about the negotiation to sell part of his club’s shares to some Asian investors: ‘My goal is in any case to do the good for Milan. In today’s football there are some new subjects, so that it has become impossible to remain competitive. For this reason, we have decided that we needed some new incomes and we started a negotiation. Let’s wait until it ends”.
    “Is it true that Marina wants me to sell the club? No, it’s absolutely untrue” he added “She always repeat that I must do what my heart tells me to do. And my heart keeps on beating for Milan. The fans mad about the signing of Balotelli and Boateng? Why? Until now Balotelli has done well. If he won’t make the same mistakes of the past, he will definitely be useful for our team”

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