Commenta per primo
A Chinese consortium is close to buying a majority stake in Palermo, today’s edition of Il Corriere dello Sport reports.

The Far East investors are reportedly going to take control of a big part of the club, probably between the 65 and the 75% in a € 200 million deal.

The rosanero president Maurizio Zamparini has confirmed that negotiations are ongoing and that a preliminary agreement could be signed soon.

“I met representatives of a fund that has offices in London, Dubai and China. Thing are going well and we should sign an agreement in less than a month. Potential new owners want to build a new stadium and build a new training centre as well as buying a majority share in the club.”

“They have very clear ideas and projects about the future of the club. They could also have an investment plan for Palermo and the rest of Sicily. The can do many things like building new infrastructures, highways and airports.”

“I’m going to keep a minority share in the club. I have my own interests and some of my collaborators will be in the new board of directors. I love Palermo and I love football, but I am tired of the whole system.”