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Recent Serie A promotees Carpi are fighting for their lives at the bottom of Italy's Elite Tier.
We caught up with Sporting Director Giancarlo Romairone to chat about Assane Gnoukouri (whose move to Carpi we exclusively revealed a few days ago)

What can we expect in the January window?
We'd like to sort things out. Carpi has lost its identity a little over the last six months. The president has asked me to bring the club back to its old habits, the methods and dynamics that have always defined this club.

Does this mean bringing in young, hungry players like Assane Gnoukouri?
You're right, we're looking for young, aggressive and very determined players. We've got an intense six-month relegation battle ahead of us. Gnoukouri is interesting. His profile could definitely fit us, but the January window is very static at the moment, things only heat up and take shape later on. We're still evaluating, we're still at the hypothetical stage. 

Two more young players could do, namely Under-21 internationals Alberto Cerri and Gaetano Monachello...
There's no point naming names, the window has barely opened and we don't want to talk about rumours that may not become true. I can tell you that we're after them, they're the type of players Carpi need.

Matos is on his way out, is he returning to Fiorentina?
He's done well enough with us, but we were expecting a lot more from him, too. Many clubs are interested in him, he has quality. I think his name will do the rounds this month, I don't knw what his future is. Fiorentina will have the last word.