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"Marotta and Del Neri are the right people for Juventus." Andrea Agnelli welcomes the duo who arrived from Sampdoria. The new Juventus president said in a press conference: "It's the beginning of a new season; we know there is much work to do. Marotta has not only the ability to operate in the market but also to improve the club. Del Neri has a great career behind him; he is the right man to bring Juventus back to a competitive level". "Excited, but confident." Gigi Del Neri is presented as new coach of Juventus. The former coach of Sampdoria said in a press conference: "When you are called on to coach a great team it is logical to be excited, but at the same time you are unsure of what you are facing. For me it is an important challenge because I will lead a global club. We must create a play mindset, a way that allows the team to be herself and to have an identity, to improve and maintain. I will give my utmost commitment and professionalism in order to satisfy fans ". General manager Beppe Marotta said: "I am very proud to be at Juventus, the goal is to return to be among the most important clubs in the world. The market? I have an open mind about abroad, but I am a proponent of 'Made in Italy'. We have shown we are competitive in any field in world football, be it in club, national or youth teams The approach with an Italian player is much easier in terms of relationships and acclimatization. We seek the best".