Juventus are busy little bees, aren't they?

With a number of key players being brought in over the 2015-2016 arguably cementing the Bianconeri's status as Italy's top team, the time has now come, it seems, to tie up the club's loose ends. Specifically, GM Giuseppe Marotta's right-hand man, Fabio Paratici, is expected to fly to Germany in the coming days to try to win over Ilkay Gundogan. 

How? A good start would be to convince his father Irfan, whose opinion has always carried a lot of weight in the 25-year-old's decisions. Whilst Gundogan isn't so keen on the competition that may await him at Barcelona, the Bianconeri are ready to offer him a four-year deal... and a key role at the heart of the Old Lady's midfield.  

This will, it is hoped, count for more than a better economic offer coming from elsewhere. A number of Premier League clubs have, for example, been lined up, including Manchester United. 

The next phase would be to ask Gundogan to press his club to approve the move. This would allow the Juventini enough time to seal the deal without outside interference. Any bidding from elsewhere would very likely not be reciprocated from the Turinese club, which is hoping to tempt Borussia with a 30 million offer. 

Marotta and Paratici also want the German international to tell the Signal Iduna team that he won't listen to any renewal offers, at least if the Juventus possibility is not taken into consideration. 

After all, Gundogan has always said that he wants to repay the club that has helped him through thick and thin with a big payday. It would be the least he could do.