Commenta per primo



When things go wrong, it's always the coach to pay first. It’s one of the laws of football, with some exceptions, few of these in Italy. The results count more than anything, Gasperini knows this well, who after three defeats in three games, seems have his days numbered. He either does well against Roma on Sunday or will no longer coach Inter. After the disappointing and criticized match in Palermo, the former Genoa coach has bent to the will of Moratti in order to stay afloat, opting for a defence of 4 and choosing Pazzini for the starting line up. But it did not work, because as well as a good dose of bad luck, they suffered a humiliating and historic defeat against modest Trabzonspor.
At the end of the game Gasperini was disappointed, and not only for the performance of the match. He realized he was a dead man walking, left to on his own. The club that choose him and should protect him publically attacked him, throwing petrol on the fire. First Moratti’s comments against the defence in 3 (a Gasparini trademark) and pro Pazzini, yesterday's outburst by Paolillo, which effectively launched the ultimatum: "We can not afford the break. It’s the coach who must decide and act" he told reporters. Certainly someone has decided in his place, as regards the market. The former Genoa coach wanted Palacio, he got Zarate, lost Eto'o when he was convinced of the sale of Sneijder. Not to mention the lack of reinforcements in defence and midfield, promised and never arrived. If Inter is in this situation, maybe the fault is not all down to Gasperini.