• Juve, 'the youth project has failed. Time for a change'

    Juve, 'the youth project has failed. Time for a change'

    • Gianluca Minchiotti

    It 's been five years since the summer of 2006, when the new Juventus directors Cobolli Gigli, Blanc, Secco, set a new plan (dictated by the need to change after Calciopoli) for a team built on youth (as well as on the Samurai - to put it as Lapo Elkann did - Del Piero, Buffon, Camoranesi, Trezeguet and Nedved, willing to follow the team in Serie B) and destined to win in five years.

    Five years later that management has been set aside (in recent months, the last survivor, Jean-Claude Blanc, has packed his bags), as that project, which has definitely failed. Five years in fact is sufficient time to judge a generation of players and, looking at the Juventus squad in 2006-07, none of the young players who were part of that list has become an irreplaceable champion of the Juventus team, a team that has not returned a winner, but infact ...

    Mirante, Piccolo, Bianco, De Ceglie, Marchisio, Paro, Venitucci, Guzman, Giovinco, Lanzafame and Palladino. These were the young people on whom the Juventus leadership wanted to rebuild a winning cycle. Of these, five years later, only Marchisio can say that he did it, but only in part. The midfielder, born in 1986 has in fact become an important player for Juventus, but he still  cannot be  defined as an irreplaceable player, so his name, more often, circulates in key markets. Then there's De Ceglie, to which frequent changes of coach and form, in addition to injuries, so far have clipped his wings.

    That's it. The others who were wrong choices of the club, or  through their own fault have failed to find fortune in Turin. The most striking example is that of Sebastian Giovinco, who never misses an opportunity to declare its willingness to continue to be a leader in Parma, rather than coming to play a Vinovo as a first linerr.

    This is the picture on the 'class of 2006-07', but even if we look at the following seasons the picture is not comforting. What happened and what will happen, in fact, to the various Immoble, Pasquato, Giandonato and Boniperti?

    As demonstrated by the latest market choices of the triad Agnelli-Marotta-Paratici, the club has decided to focus on players free of registration such as Pirlo, Pazienza and Ziegler and, as stated by Marotta, on "champions of an international level ".

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