Luigi Del Neri, a guest this morning on Radio Rai, spoke of his approach to the new adventure that awaits him in July as Juventus coach. "It's certainly an important and challenging job - said the former coach of Sampdoria -. After a year like the past one we need to regain credibility and the club looks for this. For me it is a challenging task because it offers the opportunity to reach a high level, and because it is a point of arrival but also a begining, to produce results that so far I have not got". On the changes to be made to the team the coach added: "I will talk about improvement and not rebuilding, because I do not think that a group of champions and a club like that needs it. If Juve chose me they know how I develop my game : a coach's task is to organize the team: any change in the course of a game will always be for a positive reason. Individuals? To rate individually is reductive, Juventus has had a difficult year for various reasons. There are cycles, but I think if Buffon was called upon to defend the Italian national team he also can play for his team. I repeat, a fundamental step for Juve is to return to being credible and I will fight for this". Finally, a mission statement: "Clubs like Juventus or AC Milan have a duty to pursue all major objectives: Juve must think like this and have the strength to think we can get there. It needs to have the mentality to achieve all the objectives: we have a duty to the fans, to the owner. You have to work to the maximum to get the maximum results: this is called Juventus.