Commenta per primo
Farewell Sampdoria. "There were signs that led me to realize that I was at the end of my stay - says Marotta -. Mine is a choice dictated by personal decisions. Cassano? There was no Cassano case; I had an overwhelmingly positive experience with him. I repeat that the exclusion in January was only for technical reasons and I was pleased to hear the interview in which the player said that Del Neri was right. Our relationship is one of cordiality after some turbulence. I would like it to be clear that this month the club was not divided." After eight years it is right tot look at each other and it is normal that there was less motivation and that the owner wanted a change. I would have stopped anyway, even if Juventus did not take me, I would have taken a sabbatical". On Juventus. "To be fair I must say that I have not signed yet but I will between Wednesday and Thursday – Marotta continued - Juventus is in an unusual situation. I do not have a magic wand but there is a young president and I hope a revival in sporting terms. A Juve to rebuild? Rebuild is a strong word, I would say to reassemble. Del Neri? It is normal that a team that wants to aim high should want the best and Del Neri is tipped as one of the best. Of course I never wanted to snub to Sampdoria. Let me make it clear that Juventus is not only Marotta. Finally, the players: "I think when one goes in such cases; you should take away the fewest resources possible. For this reason when going to Turin, I wanted to take away the bare minimum, just a collaborator. I can say that with regards to players, no action will be made to create problems for Sampdoria. Samp will then make their own assessments. The Garrone family will then make economic assessments.