• Maradona: ‘Icardi’s a traitor. I snubbed Juve and Milan for Napoli’

    Maradona: ‘Icardi’s a traitor. I snubbed Juve and Milan for Napoli’

    Napoli and Argentina legend Diego Armando Maradona has released an interview with Espresso Online ahead of the friendly game he will play in Rome on Thursday.

    The last player to wear Napoli’s n.10 shirt was asked his thoughts on the 2016-17 Serie A campaign.

    “Higuain’s transfer might have never happened when I was playing. I am sorry he joined Juve. But he’s not the only one guilty. The guilty ones are always those who do the business.”

    “Agnelli wanted to sign me. He called me regularly offering me crazy money, saying he’d offered 100 billion (in lire, roughly € 50m) for me. I told him I’d have never moved to Juventus because I did not want to betray Napoli fans. Berlusconi also wanted me. But if I’d gone to AC Milan they would have killed me.”

    “Things are different today.”

    “I love Italy and fiscal police will never influence my love for people, especially Neapolitans. I want to fight for the truth. They are preventing me from seeing my people anytime I want, I love Neapolitans in the same way I love Argentineans. I want to be free to return to Napoli. I want to breathe that air again.”

    “Argentina could give Mauro Icardi a call-up but I don’t talk about betrayers like him. I am not in Italy for him.”

    “I am sorry for Milik because he’s a good heir of Higuain. He got injured and that can happen, I hope he can return soon.”

    “Totti can play for ten more years. I’ve always said that forty players combined do not make one Totti.”

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