• Mauro Icardi names his best Argentinean striker of all time

    Mauro Icardi names his best Argentinean striker of all time

    Inter striker Mauro Icardi released an interview with Tencent Sport ahead of tonight’s Milan derby. The Argentinean striker was asked his thoughts on the incoming Serie A showdown as well as on his experience at Inter so far.

    “I’m proud to be the captain of this team, that’s my club and I’m honoured to be part of it. Many things have changed with Suning, but they are planning to make big investments to take the club back to the top. Pioli is a great boss, he’s faimiliar with Italian football and he did very well at Lazio.”

    “Zanetti, Milito and Palacio have been all very helpful but the player who’s helped me the most at Inter is Esteban Cambiasso. Everything became easier with his help. I was not under pressure when I picked the number nine. I was stimulated, but not under pressure.”

    “As for the national team, one my objectives is to return to Argentina squad. There are some of the best players in the world there but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the team plays well. Italy asked me to play with their U-21 squad a few years ago. I thanked them, but I declined their offer. I’m Argentinean.

    During the interview, Icardi also name his best Argentinean striker of all times.

    Gabriel Omar Batistuta has always been my idol; I want to learn from him as I’ve watched so many videos of his games and his goals. All the players are different from each other, but being compared to him is a big honour for me as, to me, he’s the best Argentinean striker of all times.”

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