Commenta per primo


Argentine striker Maxi Lopez may still have a chance to join Milan in the current transfer window although Roma are also interested.

“There have been many rumours about Maxi, every time a club is missing a striker journalists put two and two together. But so far there isn’t anything concrete, we are considering our options because my client deserves a big club,” explained agent Andrea D’Amico.

“Until 7pm on January 30, everything is possible and that includes Milan. So many things can change from now until then. Lying is part of the business - it is all in the game.

“Maxi is a fantastic player and he can still improve. If he joins a big team I expect his potential to increase accordingly,” added D’Amico.

“Regarding a move on loan, it all depends on Pietro Lo Monaco, the man who built this Catania side,” concluded the agent.