Commenta per primo


The idea has been circulating in these hours. To create a more dynamic midfield, Max Allegri will move Thiago Silva forward. An experiment already tried last year in emergency situations.
There are many factors that lead to this solution. Above all is the return of Philippe Mexes. The French defender is now ready for his debut. Maybe not right away with Palermo, but soon. In addition AC Milan has several problems in the midfield: from the physical problems of Ambrosini and Gattuso to Van Bommel’s form. While Nocerino and Aquilani have yet to fully enter into the AC Milan game.
In short, Thiago Silva may soon find himself a few dozen yards ahead. What he was used to doing in Brazil, before landing in Europe.
These are the pros, but there are also the cons. However there is the risk of displeasing Thiago who remains one of the strongest defenders of the world and could suffer in the midfield. And mean while the calls from Barcelona are becoming more insistent ...