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Carlos Bacca has said some interesting things about his future as an AC Milan player. 

Recently courted by West Ham – who he turned down – the Colombian has attracted a lot of market interest, the topic of conversation with Win Sports.

“My future is in God's hands. Truth is, I have a four-year deal with Milan, but I have offers from a number of leagues. It's not easy to make a decision, I'm in a great club that may not be going through great times, but I'm happy in Milan. Without a doubt, we'll decide together”. 

Asked about potentially playing in England, the 29-year-old said that the “the Premier League is a competitive championship. Every player wants to play there”. 

“I'm an ambitious player, and I want to play in - and win- the Champions League. Milan aren't in Europe, other clubs are. 

“My immediate objectives are to win titles and if Milan are in line with that, I'll carry on down this road”. 

Talk about transfers saw the Colombian admit that “some teams are interested, it's true.

"I have a deal with AC Milan, and I'm sure that we'll find a solution that'll be the best for both myself, my family and the club, which is still my first choice, and my priority. 

“I've had two offers from China, but I want to stay in Europe”.