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    MLS, Montreal Impact: Didier Drogba refuses bench role

    MLS, Montreal Impact: Didier Drogba refuses bench role

    Montreal Impact star Didier Drogba refused a bench role in yesterday’s Toronto clash when manager Mauro Biello informed him that an injury at his shoulder would have prevented the former Chelsea ace from starting the game.

    Drogba refused to sit on the bench alongside his teammates and did not join the rest of the team for the derby clash.

    Montreal Impact had initially communicated that Drogba was out of action with a shoulder injury, but it was Biello to tell media after the final whistle that the Ivorian was fit to play and refused to start the game from the bench.

    “I spoke to Didier yesterday and he did not accept to go to bench with his teammates. He has a problem at his shoulder but was fit to play. Now the club have to deal with him.”

    ​Drogba is being linked with a move to Napoli as the Serie A giants are looking for a long-term replacement for injured Arkadiuz Milik.

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